Empowering Women's Health and Well-being

Welcome to Maya Medical, where we understand the unique healthcare needs of women. Led by Dr. Chirag Patel, a Board Certified Family Physician, our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate women's care services in Markham, Illinois.

Prioritizing Women's Health Through Every Life Stage

At Maya Medical, we believe that women's health is a vital component of overall well-being. From adolescence to menopause and beyond, our women's care services are designed to address a wide range of health needs while fostering an environment of trust and support.

Why Choose Our Women's Care Services?

Expert Guidance: Dr. Chirag Patel's expertise extends to women's health issues. With a foundation in family medicine, he offers specialized care that addresses the unique challenges and concerns faced by women.
Personalized Approach: We understand that women's health is not one-size-fits-all. Our personalized approach ensures that your care plan is tailored to your individual needs, preferences, and health goals.
Comprehensive Services: From preventive screenings and reproductive health to menopause management and beyond, our women's care services cover the entire spectrum of women's health concerns.
Empowering Discussions: We believe in open and honest communication. Our team is here to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

Service We Provide

At Maya Family Clinic, we blend advanced medical practices with a commitment to holistic well-being, ensuring each patient receives the pinnacle of Medical Services

Chronic Disease
Chronic Disease
Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Chirag Patel, a Board Certified Family Physician, is here to provide you with comprehensive and compassionate chronic disease management services in Markham, Illinois.
Rapid Covid Testing
Rapid Covid Testing
Our rapid testing service is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health and ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.
General Health
General Health
Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized care that addresses your diverse health needs in Markham, Illinois.
Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest quality vaccinations in Markham, Illinois.
Pediatric Care
Pediatric Care
Our dedicated team is committed to delivering comprehensive and compassionate pediatric care in Markham, Illinois.
Geriatric Care
Geriatric Care
Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate geriatric care services in Markham, Illinois.

What Our Patients Say

Maya Family Clinic
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Adriana TiperciucAdriana Tiperciuc
17:08 19 Apr 23
I am incredibly grateful to the nurse practitioner at Maya Family Clinic for helping with my medical care. From the moment I met her, I felt reassured by her professionalism, expertise, and compassionate approach to care. She took the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I wish there were more clinics like this around. They even have a lab and pharmacy within the building which saved me a lot of time and was very convenient.
Jessica BongJessica Bong
15:42 05 Apr 23
If you're looking for a clinic that offers top-notch, safe, and effective aesthetic procedures, look no further than Maya! From the moment I walked trough the door, I was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who made my experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible - from initial consult through post-procedure check-ups.The facility looks clean, modern, and well-equipped with the latest technology and equipment. That immediately assured me that I would receive the highest quality care possible.What sets this clinic apart to me is their demonstrated commitment to providing personalized care and attention to each patient. They took the time to listen my concerns and goals, and patiently worked with me to create a customized treatment plan tailored to my specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture and tone, or enhance your natural features, this clinic has you covered.With their experienced staff, state-of-the-art technology, and personalized approach to care, you can trust that you'll leave feeling confident and rejuvenated.
Monica BhallaMonica Bhalla
23:28 03 Apr 23
Really fortunate to have access to care like this near me. Getting good care isn't easy these days and to have someone as knowledgeable and caring as Dr. Patel is great. Hopefully I never have to see a doctor, but if I do, I'm glad I have a great one near me.
20:44 02 Apr 23
I've recently had an emergency situation outside of office hours. Dr. Patel was able to address my issue over the phone and was able to see me the very next morning. I never feel rushed or just another number during my visits with him.
Down W. BrownDown W. Brown
15:08 11 Mar 23
Dr Patel and his staff are warm and personable. I’ve been coming here for a few years and never had anything to complain about. At end of the day you want a place where your care is personalized and feel like you’re being listened to. I’ve had that type of experience here and am happy with my doc!!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Women's Care

Our women's care services encompass a wide range of needs, including annual well-woman exams, contraceptive counseling, prenatal care, menopause management, breast health, and more. Dr. Chirag Patel's expertise ensures that you receive comprehensive and specialized care at every stage of life.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends starting well-woman exams in adolescence or when sexual activity begins. These exams are essential for preventive care, discussing reproductive health, and addressing any concerns you may have.
Maintaining reproductive health involves regular screenings, healthy lifestyle choices, and communication with your healthcare provider. Dr. Chirag Patel can guide you on family planning, sexual health, and addressing any reproductive health concerns you may have.
Menopause is a natural phase in a woman's life. Dr. Chirag Patel can help you navigate this transition by providing guidance on managing symptoms, hormone replacement therapy options, and addressing any health changes that may arise.
Absolutely. Dr. Chirag Patel is here to address your fertility concerns, provide information about fertility preservation, and offer guidance if you're planning to start a family. We understand that your reproductive journey is unique, and we're here to support you.
Choosing a women's care provider is an important decision. Look for a physician who specializes in women's health, has a strong track record, and provides a supportive and compassionate environment. Dr. Chirag Patel's commitment to women's health and his comprehensive approach make him an excellent choice for women's care at Maya Medical.

Experience Exceptional Women's Care Today!

Your health matters, and we're here to provide you with expert women's care that prioritizes your well-being. Schedule your appointment now to take a proactive step towards a healthier and happier you.

Your journey towards optimal women's health starts with Maya Medical. Contact us today to experience the difference of comprehensive and compassionate women's care with Dr. Chirag Patel and our dedicated team.